Hijama is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, you may have questions before your first treatment, If your question is not answered below, get in touch.

Frequently asked questions about Hijama/Cupping

Do you provide a massage service?
Yes we do. Rest assured, we provide a sports massage in which we are qualified in and happy to provide.
Does wet cupping hurt?
No, however you may feel an itch if it’s your first time but this is normal hence we advise using olive oil/black seed oil to relieve the itchiness/discomfort.
Do I need to do anything prior to having my session?
Avoid eating for 2 hours as this will activate the digestive system carrying nutrients around the body. Please stay hydrated, have a shower prior to attending (wet cupping mainly) as it is best to avoid a shower for 24 hours once wet cupping is complete.
Is cupping a safe procedure?
Cupping is a safe procedure. We follow the professional guidelines of health and safety, hygiene and method. We are fully qualified too so rest assured, you are in safe hands.
How long does each session take?
It could last anything between 45-75 minutes. This is because we take our time to provide quality cupping, and we perform a consultation which could last anything around 10-25 minutes prior to beginning the therapy.
Do you treat males and females?
We treat males only temporarily. We will treat females once we have a qualified female practitioner on site.
Do you use disposable equipment?
Our cups are disposable as well as our blades, they are disposed of in clinical waste bins specified for each of our equipment and for the blood.
Is there a consultation prior to beginning the session?
Yes there is,. Once booked in, we will require a consultation form to be filled out via us emailing it to you. Thereafter, on the day of your appointment, we go through a thorough consultation. All records are stored away securely in relation to the GDPR act.
Are you trained and insured?
We are fully insured. Our practitioners are fully trained to the highest of standards in relation to hygiene, consultation, and quality performance.
Can I get it done at home?
Clinic and home service available, but with home service we charge an extra fee to cover the time and cost of travelling to you.

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