Hijama Cupping Therapy

At The Detox Clinic, we offer cupping therapy, and Sports massage in a calm and relaxing atmosphere to maximise its benefits.

What is Cupping?

Hijama or cupping therapy is an ancient, holistic treatment, and the history of Hijama goes back centuries. It involves the application of cups on areas of treatment, sore muscles and pain specific areas of your body.

At The Detox Clinic, we offer cupping therapy to the elderly, athletes, sportspersons, or anyone who feels they may benefit from the treatment. Contact our team for more information. This service is provided for people in and around surrounding areas in Coventry.

Oil Hijama

This is the procedure in which oil is applied to the skin to provide moisture for cups to glide on, providing a soothing and relaxed feeling, it provides a a upward pressure which lifts muscle tissue providing mainly relief, and blood stimulation,

Fire Hijama

In traditional Hijama, a small flame introduced to the cup heats the air before the cup is applied, at which point the cooling air causes suction. In more modern versions, a suction pump sucks out the air from these cups, which in turn opens the skin pores. This is believed to stimulate blood flow and draw toxins out of your body. This technique is similar to Dry cupping, however uses heat to relieve stifness, tension and problems such as frozen shoulder.

Wet Hijama

Wet cupping is also known as Hijama (Arabic: حجامة‎ lit. “sucking”) , where blood is drawn by suction of the cup from a small skin incision.
The skin incision is produced after a light bruising has occured.
The vacuum suction in the cup then draws out any impurities in the body such as poor oxygen blood cells. Wet cupping is popular in many parts of the Muslim world, Chinese medicine, and many other places of the world.

Dry Hijama

In modern day cupping, this procedure is used commonly by athletes, to stretch and increase mobility in the muscles increasing their ability and reducing the risk of injury.
This form of technique is also ideal to treat certain conditions such as skin conditions.

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