Welcome to our services page. Our services are offered with the highest level of professionalism and care, ensuring that you feel like a new person.

What’s Included?

Our services provided include a consultation which can take anything between 10-25 minutes prior to your treatment on the day.

Our services start from as little as £30, and varies on the type of treatment needed.

Our Sport Massage therapy (also known as Soft Tissue Therapy) starts from £40.

If a tailored programme is needed, this would be discussed during your appointment on the day.

Basic Package

– Free Consultation
-Basic massage (15 mins)
– 1 cupping therapy method.
– One area of the body only 


Comfort Package

-Free Consultation
-Basic Massage and use of soft tissue tools to work into muscles (15 mins)
– Two cupping therapy methods
– Half body (i.e. back and hamstrings)


Premium Package

–  Free Consultation
– Sports massage (60 mins)
 – General detox cupping therapy
– Fire Cupping Therapy
– Full body (back, shoulders, legs) 

For all enquiries on our packages and prices, call our team on:

07533 226 020